Mission and Vision


The mission of Capstone Academy, in partnership with youth serving agencies, is to re-engage youth in the active pursuit of self-improvement, interpersonal growth and educational development.  Within a climate where students, staff and stakeholders feel safe, secure and valued as individuals, Capstone Academy will encourage all students to excel to their highest potential, while providing them the support and tools needed to explore the infinite possibilities that learning and life has to offer.


The primary purpose of Capstone Academy is to serve those students fitting one or more of the following characteristics:

  • At-risk for school failure based on past history;
  • Exhibiting behaviors and/or patterns, which preclude attending traditional school settings;
  • Expelled or suspended from other schools; Residing in court-ordered placements;
  • Exiting out-of-home placements but still not ready to return to a prior school setting;
  • and Receiving services from other Department of Human Services agencies.



    We envision our Academy to be a place where students can re-engage with learning and develop positive habits to apply in their home and school lives upon leaving our facility.