About Us
Capstone Academy is a strict discipline academy located on the campus of Detroit Behavioral Institute, a residential treatment facility for male and female youth ages 12 to 18. The Academy, established and approved to open in the fall of 2012 by the Detroit Public Schools Office of Charter Schools, was founded on the belief that all youth can learn if provided a nurturing and challenging environment where expectations are high and support is bountiful. As a strict discipline academy, the Academy is a highly specialized environment catering specifically to the needs of students -- whom for any number of reasons -- have already disengaged from learning within a traditional school setting. The Academy’s vision is to work in partnership and cooperation with other agencies that also serve these same students.

Creating a new avenue for continuity in services along a continuum of care – prevention, intervention, and aftercare – has long been the goal of many youth-serving agencies, including DBI. However, the missing link within this logical approach to helping youth and families has been the challenge of providing a stable educational environment throughout the entire time they are being served by the larger social services system. Capstone Academy provides this missing link.

Currently, the Academy serves about 86 students in non-graded groups, between two facilities comprising the total campus.  The length of stay for any one student varies from 6 to 12 months.  The average length of stay is 8 months.  100% qualify for free or reduced-price meals